About Novus

Since 1999, Novus Sententia has been helping it’s clients find success by demystifying esoteric technology, branding and marketing concepts and demonstrating how these crucial, but often misunderstood tools can be applied practically and measurably to their businesses.

Who we are

  • An organization of individuals experienced with innovation and insight.
  • A group capable of strategic relevance with the ability to make an impact through the practical application of creativity and technology.
  • We apply a scientific method to obtain discipline in both business and creativity.

… in short we help our clients create business.

What we are

We are in the business of building relationships between:

  • Company brand and the audience
  • Products/services and users/consumers
  • Evolving events and media
  • Financial information and investors
  • Business processes and employees
  • Opportunities and vendors

What we do

  • We consult to analyze needs, opportunities, and solutions.
  • We create for interactivity, information, identity, commerce and communication.
  • We develop solutions for Internet, intranet, extranet, e-commerce, mobile and marketing communication dilemmas.
  • We provide digital media positioning and exposure management.
  • We manage Internet campaigns and initiatives (to include attendant off-line production).

Who are our clients

  • Our clients want to break through techno-clutter and competitive noise.
  • Our clients want to attain and maintain ascendancy in identity, services, information, communication and commerce.
  • Our clients are large organizations, either in scope or in thinking.
  • Our clients challenge us so that our creativity is piqued.
  • Our clients hire us to think with and for them … to create with and for them.
  • Our clients want us to evolve from their agency to become a partner, a consultant, and a guide.
  • Our clients want an enduring relationship built over time with creativity, knowledge and business acumen and held together by trust, respect, and admiration.

Novus Sententia is serious about business. We are not a boutique agency or firm. We will not try to sell you on the latest whiz-bang technology, fad or trend. What we will do is help you grow your business measurably through the practical application of our tools and expertise; to help your organization increase revenue by increasing sales, cutting costs, improving business processes, decreasing labor, improve productivity or by developing and automating procedures. And through this, ultimately, to help you communicate better and faster with all of your audiences.

For over a decade, Novus Sententia has built a reputation on it’s ability to deliver practical and affordable solutions to organizations of every size and kind. Please take a moment to learn more about what Novus Sentenia can do for your organization, or feel free to contact us today.

What is the Novus Solutions Development Process?

Novus Sententia’s solutions development process model is a milestone-based model that provides guidelines on planning and controlling results-oriented projects based on their scope, the resources available, and the schedule. It is an iterative and adaptable model that:

  • Defines critical manageable milestones for development.
  • Creates explicit team accountability.
  • Addresses the risks of a project early in the planning stages.
  • Defines the variables and priorities that affect scheduling, feature, and trade-off decisions.
  • Our process model consists of four phases: Discovery, Planning, Construction and Stabilization. Each phase culminates in a major milestone: the Discovery phase culminates in the Project Proposal and Contract Approved milestone, the Planning phase culminates in the Pre-Construction Review milestone, the Construction phase culminates in the Scope Complete/First Use Review milestone, and the Stabilization phase culminates in the Release milestone.

The Novus Sententia process model differs from many traditional development models by offering:

  • Client-oriented milestones, rather than development-oriented milestones. Each milestone is a synchronization point where the team is re-calibrated to client expectations. Milestones are managed using the known tradeoffs of resources, features, and schedule.
  • Versioned releases, rather than including every feature the first time. Technology rapidly changes the capabilities of the PC-empowered user. Versioned releases are necessary to leverage investments made in PC-based computing environments.

Our experience has taught us that this approach produces better decisions, less rework, and a higher quality product. And, by addressing user and performance issues as part of the development process, it can lower the risk of rolling out new solutions and lower the cost of ownership for our clients.

What we do

EBranding and Marketing
Business Intelligence
Defining your audience and communicating your message in a clear and relevant manner.
Web Design and Development
Web Design & Development
More than just pretty pictures, a website is context, purpose, audience, content, compatability, planning and measurement.
Mobile Application Development
Mobile Applications
Companion apps to web brands, stand alone retail apps and enterprise mobile business applications are our specialty.
Custom Application Development
Custom Application Development
eCommerce, CMS, CRM, ERP, Inventory Management and Control are just some of our areas of expertise.

About Novus

Novus Sententia combines strategic branding & marketing, planning, technology and creative to produce strategies, websites, mobile and web enabled solutions and marketing support materials to create measurable success for our clients.

Let us show you how your organization can utilize technology and new media to strengthen relationships, open new markets, improve service, automate processes, reduce costs and stay ahead of the competition.

We encourage you to learn more about what Novus can do for your organization or take a few minutes to review our Portfolio of projects.

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